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This is the summary of the sermon preached on June 7thC1998.

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(Translated by Carolyn Kim & Naoko Sawada )

Exodus: Chapter 1, verse 1 ` 22
Title: Sense the time of God
Preacher: Pastor Akio Moriwaki

A thirty minute taped message is on file and available to you.

In 1870 B.C., the Egyptian kingdom was already deteriorating from

corruption@when the people called Hyxsos emigrated to Egypt.

Their leader was Jacob,also called Israel.   The Hyxsos reigned

over the Egyptians as rulers, taking@advantage of the chaos

created by natural disasters.  However, as pride@precedes

destruction, the Hyxsos lived well, bragging of old glories and

power.@@They could not keep up with the changes.  The Israelites'

conservative@power, persisting in rotten vested interests, could not

adapt to the change of@time.  Thus, they became powerless under

crisis and lost their human rights.The rightist, armed Egyptians,

who had been seeking an opportunity to@overthrow the Israelites,

easily took away their power and privileges. The@Israelites

succumbed to enslavement.@@Ironically, however, crisis and

poverty caused the population to grow.  And@as slaves, they ended

up latenting (defying??) power, which threatened the@already unstable

nationalism.  The new leaders in Egypt didn't overlook@this,

but the Pharaoh's policy backfired.  His mandate of national

purification@was aimed not only at breaking up and extinguishing

the Israelites, but also@at making them submit to him.  Consequently,

his scheme of massacre could@not@win against the human instinct

to live.  Ultimately, the king of Egypt@(resorted to ordering )

ordered the Hebrew midwives to kill all baby boys.

The midwives, however, feared God and wisely ignored the order. 

The@Pharaoh then gave this order to his people.  It was a holocaust

caused by@discrimi@nation grounded on imperialism and a superiority

complex.  Even the@Pharaoh's kings, who were the nucleus of the

government, did not want to cooperate@with him.  So the plot

ended in failure and harden the people's heart.

God's aim was to establish Israel to help the Israeli people

overcome their@unyielding heart (??). It was the beginning of his

plan to bless all the@people in the world.  It was undoubtedly in

preparation to send the Saviour@1,500 years later.  He sent his

prophets to show the people how to live@according to the Bible,

so that they could realize that evil is an essential@element of

human beings.  He intended to save people from corruption,

which was@the cause of their punishment.  We should know that

God's plans are far@beyond@our thoughts.  Fear God, live

honestly and hope to be blessed by Him.


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