1996 World Wide Triathlon Race Results

As of January 11, 1997

The 5th Asia Triathlon Championship in India (December 8th, 1996)

Amami International Ladies Triathlon (November 10th, 1996)

1996 ITU Triathlon World Cup in Noosa, Australia (November 3th, 1996)

IRONMAN Triathlon World Championship in Kona, Hawaii (October 26th, 1996)

1996 ITU Triathlon World Cup in Sydney, Australia (October 20th, 1996)

1996 ITU Triathlon World Cup in Auckland, New Zealand (October 13th, 1996)

ITGP Final Round in Phuket, Thailand (October 12th, 1996)

Honolulu International Triathlon (September 29th, 1996)

'96 Triathlon Asia Cup in Murakami (September 29th, 1996)

1996 ITU Triathlon World Cup in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (September 28th, 1996)

1996 ITU Triathlon World Cup in Bahia, Brasil (September 21th, 1996)

1996 ITU Duathlon World Championship in Ferrara, Italy (September 14th, 1996)


The 2nd Japan Triathlon Championship in Hasaki (September 8th, 1996)

Sado Isl. Long Distance International Triathlon (September 1st, 1996)

Ironman Canada (August 25th, 1996)

Nihonkai Ororon Line Triathlon (August 25th, 1996)

1996 ITU Triathlon World Championship in Cleveland (August 24th, 1996)

Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon (August 18th, 1996)

The 1st Japan Junior Triathlon Championship in Genkai (August 18th, 1996)

The 10th Japanese-American Friendship Triathlon (Aug 4th, 1996)

Nagaragawa International Triathlon (July 28th, 1996)

Kaike Triathlon Results (July 21th, 1996)

Nojiriko Cup Triathlon Japan Open (July 14th, 1996)

Tokyo Bay International Triathlon Results (July 14th, 1996)

Ironman Europe (July 14th, 1996)

10th Japan's Triathlon / NISSAN Cup Kanamgawa Championship (July 7th, 1996)

Miyagi International Triathlon (July 7th, 1996)

Numazu-Senbonhama Triathlon (July 7th, 1996)

Ironman Japan in Lake Biwa (June 30th, 1996)

ITU Worldcup Hamilton, Bermuda (June 30th, 1996)

ITU Worldcup Drummondville, Canada (June 23th, 1996)

ITU Worldcup Paris, France (June 16th, 1996)

Ohshima Triathlon (June 16th, 1996) (Japanese only)

Triathlon in Tokunoshima (June 16th, 1996) (Japanese only)

1st Pacific Triathlon in Kujukuri (June 16th, 1996)

Shodoshima International Triathlon (June 16th, 1996)

12th Amakusa International Triathlon (June 2th, 1996) (Japanese only)

Port Of San Diego International Triathlon (June 2th, 1996)

25th Tokyo-Itoigawa Fast Run (June 1th, 1996) (Japanese only)

Fiji Heaven to Heaven International Triathlon (May 27th, 1996)

The 14th Annual Keauhou-Kona Triathlon (May 26th, 1996)

Tokyo Island Triathlon in Niijima (May 25th, 1996) (Japanese only)

'96 ITU Triathlon World Cup Gamagori (May 19th, 1996)

Powerman Zofingen, Switzerland (May 12th, 1996)

'96 ITU Triathlon World Cup Ishigaki (May 12th, 1996)

Nobuyasu Narashima(nara@airnet.or.jp)